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November/December 2012    |    BRIDAL GUIDE


"Your checklist for getting in shape ASAP."






October 2012    |    BRIDES


"Joining FITiST is like having a membership to every top boutique gym in town. Each plan lets you mix-and-match classes at its carefully vetted studios, and booking is completely hassle-free."






September 29, 2012    |    BLOOMBERG


"The first site to have a universal fitness scheduler that integrates in with all the online schedules of [our]partner studios."





September 23, 2012    |    VOGUE


"Representing many of the big names that make up the movement toward class-driven workouts and away from classic gym rat culture."






September 6, 2012    |    DAILY BEAST


"5 FITiST classes a week to keep the beach body dream alive in Fall."






September 2012    |    PEOPLE STYLEWATCH


"Whats’s In. What’s Out."





September 2012    |    C MAGAZINE


"Whether you're exposing toned arms in a strapless gown or donning a form-fitting silhouette, FITiST will help you get in shape in record time."






August 6, 2012    |    FORBES


"[FITiST is] a membership-based platform that has vetted the very best specialized fitnessexperts and facilities, packaging them to its customers as a virtual, A-list."






July 27, 2012    |    SKINNY MOM


"Celebrity fitness trainer and FITiST Pregnancy Expert Ramona Braganza may be most known for sculpting hot Hollywood bodies, including that of Jessica Alba’s and Halle Berry’s"





July 13, 2012    |    NY POST


"The first site of its kind, FITiST goes beyond acting as a simple booking agent: It's a centralized platform."






July 11, 2012    |    INC.COM


"[FITiST is] the first to market a new form of gym membership to the best of the best boutique studios."






July 11, 2012    |    JULIB


"Whether you're in East Hampton, Montauk or Sag, from yoga to spinning, FITiST is your passport to fitness for the summer."





June 2012    |    HAMPTONS.COM


"An alternative to the one-gym membership that offers members one-stop booking at the best boutique fitness studios in LA, NYC and the Hamptons."






May 21, 2012    |    US WEEKLY


"Its team of pros (like Lauren Conrad's trainer Jarett Del Bene) customizes get-fit plans by mixing classes from spinning to Pilates."






May 16, 2012    |    GOTHAM MAGAZINE


"Our Slim plan includes cycle, core/ Pilates, performance, and yoga classes for a proper mix of high intensity, calorie-burning workouts to shed pounds and stay toned."





May 11, 2012    |    WELL+GOOD NYC


"For those who are already feeling the Hamptons beckon, FITiST has put together a 4-week "summer shape-up" training plan that includes a free swim suit (KKINI bikni or Onia trunks) for the season."






May 10, 2012    |    THE HUFFINGTON POST


"We run a fitness business so let's be honest, our life is a playlist. We can't walk into a store or listen to the radio without thinking "this would be perfect for spin class, a quick sprint, or a yoga cool down."






May 10, 2012    |    VITAL JUICE


"FITiST is making our Memorial Day debut extra easy. The workout concierge's 4-Week Bathing Suit Plan takes care of both our workouts and our swimsuit shopping. The 16-class plan also includes a KKINI bikini so you can reap the rewards of your hard work."





May 8, 2012    |    THE HUFFINGTON POST


"Mixing it up not only gives you results, but it also prevents the boredom that one may experience from the monotony of doing the same workout every day."






May 6, 2012    |    NEW YORK TIMES


"The boutique gym workouts may be tougher. "These gyms are expensive, but they're a cheaper way of having a personal trainer all the time," said Neda Talebian Funk, a veteran marathon runner and a founder of FITiST, a company set up last year to satisfy New Yorkers' yen for mix-and-match workouts by offering class packages across a selection of studios."






May 2012    |    LA YOGA


"Ramona Braganza is a FITiST Pregnancy Expert and Celebrity Trainer. The former NFL LA Raiders cheerleader has trained Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, and Scarlett Johansson. To find out more about Body & Soul packages for new moms or moms-to-be visit:"





April/May 2012    |    GOTHAM MAGAZINE


"Blast through workout boredom with these exercise programs that are as energizing as New York City."






April 27, 2012    |    WEDDING SALON


"If you're a bride-to-be living in NYC or LA and you're looking for a new way to get in shape, you're in luck! FITiST has a customized plan just for you, put together by experts like David Kirsch and Andrea Orbeck."






April 26, 2012    |    MARIE CLAIRE


"If your mom is looking to get in shape, a personalized fitness and wellness plan is the perfect way to help her reach her goals. The full-service plans at FITiST will give her access to spa treatments, workout classes, training sessions, nutrition counseling, and much more."





April 24, 2012    |    MARIE CLAIRE


"No-Excuses Exercise: When you tire of staring at yourself on your hotel gym elliptical, sign up for Purchase a package on the site and gain access to classes at any of their handpicked network of boutique fitness studios, and to services provided by vetted spas, massage therapists, and health and wellness experts."






April 12, 2012    |    INC.COM


"On my personal "have done" list: Successfully launched a bi-coastal platform with almost 200 partners in nine months...and getting a handwritten note from a customer who lost 60 pounds thanks to FITiST."






April 5, 2012    |    THE HUFFINGTON POST


"The NYC market has seen an incredible rise in the boutique studio -- up over 30 is simply the new "IT" bag, the season's most talked about story -- "seen in" is now "seen at."





April 2012    |    DARTHMOUTH MAGAZINE


"Caroline Levy Limpert '03 has been named to Details magazine's 2012 "Social Mavericks" listing of the top 12 movers and shakers in social media. The cofounder of FITist was lauded for her efforts to replace the traditional gym."






March 28, 2012    |    INC.COM


"I am not ashamed to admit this: I am über Type A. I believe in "going hard or going home," as they say, and pushing to the very end."






March 2012    |    THE HUFFINGTON POST


"Sweat-working is the new form of networking for busy professionals…The sweat phenomenon is bigger than just networking. As co-founder of…we believe we are living in the world of "Sweat Everything."





March 26, 2012    |    TECH CRUNCH


"Early members include fitness buffs who "had kind of plateaued," but are starting to see results again thanks to FITiST's plans."






March 26, 2012    |    BETABEAT


"FITiST also has created a black book of the top personal fitness, wellness, and beauty services that can be added to any plan."






March 16, 2012    |    THE HUFFINGTON POST


"Sweat-working is the new form of networking for busy professionals…The sweat phenomenon is bigger than just networking. As co-founder of…we believe we are living in the world of "Sweat Everything."




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