Name:  Joseph "Joop" E.


Homebase:  Midtown Manhattan

Occupation: Hedge Fund Business Development pays the bills.  Training for triathlon any free moment I can find probably takes up just as much time.

Pick-Me-Up Songs: Holy Ghost! - Do It Again, Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day, Scissor Sisters - Do the Strand,  Robyn - Dancing on My Own


As a Serious Triathlete, Olympics or Kona: Kona. It is the ultimate test of the human body and the most incredible racing experience.


Guilty Pleasure: Dessert of any kind - candy, cookies, ice cream, sweets, sugary substances.  Which means I tend to feel guilty on a fairly regular basis.


Fave FITiST Workout: Spin is a great change of pace from the monotony of long hours on the bike.  And when my girlfriend complains about all the time I spend working out, it is the perfect way for us to have a workout we can both do together.


Rainbows or Havianas?: Rainbows are my all year sandal.  I always have a pair with me, even on a ski trip.


Post Workout, Smoothie or Beer?: As much as I would like to drink beer before heading to the office, a smoothie is part of my morning recovery routine.  If it’s a weekend, a beer is always served immediately after the smoothie…and throughout the rest of the day.  Post race, I skip all recovery and move right into Champagne.


Ski or Surf?: Ski. 


Sunny Side Up or Scrambled?: Scrambled, on wheat bread with jalapeno humms, ham, horseradish cheddar, ketchup and Siracha.  The perfect snack after a morning bike ride on River Road.


NFL or NBA?: NFL. What's better than watching football with friends over chili, wings and beer?  I train to eat! 


How  Do You Find Your Best?: Imagining that feeling you get when you cross the finish line of any big race.  No matter how painful the race was, you always feel ecstatic - it’s worth all the pain in the world.  If that doesn’t work, I just dream about how good that first glass of celebratory champagne will taste.