FITiST of the Week: Meet Jackie P.

By Carlyn Shear

This FITiST is a vagabond for the summer, moving from LA to Montauk to NYC. Thankfully she can use FITiST everywhere her summer travels take her!

She enjoys the different Pilates studios that FITiST has to offer from coast to coast, but also likes to mix things up with Flywheel and Barry’s. She loves to travel – preferably somewhere with a beach like Brazil, Croatia or the Greek Islands.

A newly minted kale fan, she enjoys a good kale salad and fresh pressed juice at Kreation Organic in LA. Read on to find out more about this recent Wharton grad!

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4 Healthy Weekend Getaways

With the long weekend ahead to look forward to, President’s Weekend is the perfect opportunity to get out of town. But instead of sitting around or doing the same old, same old, why don’t you use this opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try something new? Here are some fun ideas for a healthy weekend getaway a driving distance away from New York City and Los Angeles.

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How to Stay Fit When You’re on Vacation

Heading out of town holds so much appeal. You’re out of the office, you can read that book you’ve been meaning to get to, and you may just spend the day hanging by the pool... All of which will leave you more relaxed but may set back your fitness level. Staying fit while you are off on holiday is actually easier than you think. Here are our tips to help you keep that rockstar bod you worked so hard to get swimsuit ready.

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Four Tips to Stay Slim During Spring Break

Drab winter weather that has lingered far too long this spring has surely prompted all of us to book the next flight someplace warm for Spring Break. Before you open that bag of complementary nuts or order a mixed drink, keep these four tips in mind to help you keep your killer figure.


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