4 Veggies That Peak In Spring

Katie Minehan

This winter, we kept warm and full with hearty veggies like butternut squash, Brussels sprouts and of course, kale (let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard to avoid). We know it’s important to eat what’s in season in order to reap the maximum benefits of all the vitamins and minerals in our food – and of course, that’s when it tastes the best, too. But there’s another reason why you should eat in season: they work better with your body. When you think about the seasonality of fruits and veggies, it makes sense that the heartier, denser ones are their ripest when it’s cold – this is the time of the year when we need to store heat and conserve energy, so we crave foods that take a long time to digest. Come springtime, we’re ready to shed our winter layers (and yes, maybe a few extra pounds), so it’s a good thing that many springtime veggies also happen to be natural diuretics.  Before you hit the grocery store, add these four veggies to your shopping list:

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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Now that the sun has (finally) come out and warmer weather is upon us, many are probably taking the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. But your closet isn’t the only thing that needs a little freshening up—now is as good a time as ever to also recharge your fitness routine.

“The warming weather and budding flowers give us great motivation to start fresh and recharge our commitment to health and fitness,” said Mahri Rehlin of Body Conceptions, a fitness instructor from New York City.

Here are some of her tips for quick ways to recharge your spring fitness plan so you’ll look sizzling hot by summer.

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Four Shoes to Boost Your Mood & Performance

Is your workout routine feeling a bit drab? Breathe new life and motivation into your exercise regime with a pair of bright trainers! Ancient Feng Shui principles purport that bright colors stimulate and excite- providing extra energy. It only makes sense that this season’s neon colored shoes will both lift your performance and style standard. Here are our four picks for women:

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Four Ways to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

The sun is shining, the trees are pushing out their first signs of summer with little buds, and something is in the air... allergens. If you are feeling a little congested and your nose has begun to run, you may be susceptible to seasonal allergies which will interfere with any outdoor activity you partake in. Here are our four tips to lessen the impact of allergies, before they start.

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