4 Reasons to Hit the Slopes

Katie Minehan

Martin Luther King Day is just around the corner, marking a popular time to take advantage of the long weekend and hit the slopes. Since you’ll probably forego your typical workout in lieu of some fresh powder (we don’t blame you), read below for 4 ways skiing can eliminate the guilt from all of those hot toddies and hot chocolates:

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Intern Diaries: Chapter Four

This week, we explored the TriBeCa/Chinatown fitness scene and tried two studios – Aqua Studio and U Studios NYC. Both of these studios had innovative classes that we had never tried before and it was fun trying something completely new. Here’s a glimpse into our experiences:

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FITiST recently teamed up with the Asphalt Green Women’s Cycling Team (AGCT), a competitive cycling program in NYC for novice and experience female athletes. This elite amateur women’s cycling team formed in 2010 and trains year-round with the team motto being “race, eat, sleep, repeat.”  If this hard-core motto does not scream FITIST, we are not sure what does. We recently caught up with one of AGCT’s founding members, Stephanie Kaplan, to learn more about the cycling program.

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This week, we take you Inside the Network with Kristin McGee who shows us that if you follow your dreams and share your passion with the world, it can become your livelihood.  This inspirational FITiST expert had her start in acting and modeling, but found her true calling in fitness.  Now a celebrity trainer, Kristin has her own app and helps all (famous or not) achieve more through yoga and Pilates.  We were excited to learn what’s next for this entrepreneur and how she unwinds after a busy day of helping others find inner peace.
You're a formally trained actor and model - why the switch to fitness?
I fell in love with sharing fitness with others and seeing the direct impact I could make. I actually discovered yoga in acting school and I was hooked!

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