4 Reasons You Should Eat More of This Fruit

What’s your favorite fruit? Whether you love to snack on apples or grapes, plumes or bananas, just the mere fact you’re snacking on fruit means you’re already setting yourself up for success. But some fruits pack a more powerful punch than others, especially when it comes to curing diseases or safeguarding against illness.

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Grapefruit’s Goodness: 4 Reasons To Reach For The Forbidden Fruit

The hybrid citrus – the grapefruit – is packed with more than just its sweet, sour, and juicy flavor. Turns out the forbidden fruit can impact your overall health in a variety of ways. Eat them in the morning to start your day off right or place their citrusy wedges atop your favorite salad creations. Read on to find out 4 reasons to reach for grapefruits the next time you visit the market or grocery store.

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