FIT5: Hamptons Edition with Madeleine Murphy of the Montauk Juice Factory


If you haven’t yet heard the buzz about Montauk Juice Factory, the fresh pressed, beachy inspired juices sold out in Montauk, we suggest you head over right away. We recently had the chance to catch up with the woman behind the healthy and delicious juices, Madeleine (Madi) Murphy, and got the inside scoop on what this juicer eats out East.


In Madi’s words:

I love working out and eating well because it is an addictive feeling to do something great for your body; however I know I will only do something if it is easy, enjoyable and sustainable. I love workouts that fit into my daily routine easily and take place outdoors (swimming) or that make me feel like I'm learning a skill (boxing) or having fun while doing it (aerial yoga) or all three (surfing!) I'm the same way about eating well- it has to easily work into my sometimes chaotic schedule, be enjoyable and leave me feeling awesome and satisfied. That is one reason I am so passionate about green juice and the grab-and-go goodness it provides. I also really believe in enjoying life everyday and part of that means the joy of indulgences and enjoying every guiltless moment.

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Thai Quinoa Bowl by Sakara Life

As the summer heats up, the last thing you want to do is hover over the stove. Luckily our friends at Sakara Life gave us a solution. This colorful, flavorful and fresh recipe is just what we plan to whip up tonight. 

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FIT 5: Hamptons Edition with Mahri Relin, Founder of Body Conceptions

Fueling properly, making time for a rest day, and allowing herself to indulge is key for Mahri Relin, who has certainly built a name for herself around her signature workout – Body Conceptions. How does Mahri stay so spunky and full of energy? Read on to learn what she eats to keep her energy levels high, while training multiple clients a day.

In Mahri’s words:

I get asked a lot about my fitness and eating schedule, especially by my private clients.  I do so much of my private sessions with my clients, so I don’t need to do additional exercise during the week.  (Each client is also very different in their needs, requests, and limitations, so I get a truly varied exercise regime as a result)  On the 7th day of my week (my rest day!), I need to make sure I take true time off from my workout, but I love staying active and trying other things.  Just recently, I spent the weekend and hiking and walking upstate with my boyfriend!

In terms of eating, I need to focus on fueling up and getting enough carbohydrates and protein before my workouts.  You can see that I eat out a lot because I stay in the city working all day and live a bit too far to go home and cook.  I try to look for healthy options and opportunities to share meals when I can.  However, I also believe in indulging myself, so you’ll see a few sweets here and there.  Ok, maybe more than a few! 

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Katie Minehan

It’s BBQ season, baby! We’re certainly taking advantage of steamy summer nights to grill anything and everything - it just tastes so much better! Right now, we are loving this tropical-inspired chicken recipe, which tastes ever-so-slightly of coconut thanks to the coconut water marinade. This got us thinking, what can’t you do with coconuts?

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