Prepare to Get WOW’d!

Katie Minehan

It’s no secret that we look to Mio Skincare to keep our skin as fit as our bodies. This weekend, we welcome the Mio team back to the collective for their second “Workout Wonder Weekend” of the season. Meet the Mio team this Saturday, and enjoy special Mio gifts, mini massages and the chance to win $500 of Mio products! And read below to see which Mio products we recommend (we’ve tried them all!) after our Saturday morning classes.

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FIT5: Hamptons Edition with Heidi Kristoffer

Whether you know her as a wellness expert at Shape Magazine, or have been lucky enough to take her CrossFlowX class at The Movement in flatiron, you are probably inspired by Heidi Kristoffer’s healthy lifestyle. Not only will she be making a guest appearance at the FITiST Collective for the next two weekends, but she also gave us a peak into her healthy life. Heidi eats a super clean diet, full of protein, and fresh veggies. She finds that starting her day off with solid vegan protein in the morning, and filling her day with delicious vegan foods, fuels her body and make her feel her best. Like us, Heidi admits to having a super sweet tooth, and satisfies her cravings with organic fruits, and yummy, raw, vegan desserts.

In Heidi’s own works – “I believe in listening to the body - eating is yoga - finding the union of everything. When you do enough yoga, you learn to listen to all of your body’s cues, and you can then go about feeding and nourishing it in a way that is loving and caring, and meets all of your needs. I don't believe in deprivation. I always want to feel strong - fuel is required for that, so why not make it the most enjoyable fuel possible? I drink lots of water so that I never confuse dehydration for hunger, and I eat the best, organic produce I can fine (hopefully local). When I don't have time to cook for myself, my go tos are Pure Food & Wine (and their takeaway One Lucky Duck) and Sakara Life. Not having time is not an excuse to eat poorly!  Always set yourself up for success! For me that begins with sleep, hydration, great food, and movement!”

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FIT5: Hamptons Edition with Madeleine Murphy of the Montauk Juice Factory


If you haven’t yet heard the buzz about Montauk Juice Factory, the fresh pressed, beachy inspired juices sold out in Montauk, we suggest you head over right away. We recently had the chance to catch up with the woman behind the healthy and delicious juices, Madeleine (Madi) Murphy, and got the inside scoop on what this juicer eats out East.


In Madi’s words:

I love working out and eating well because it is an addictive feeling to do something great for your body; however I know I will only do something if it is easy, enjoyable and sustainable. I love workouts that fit into my daily routine easily and take place outdoors (swimming) or that make me feel like I'm learning a skill (boxing) or having fun while doing it (aerial yoga) or all three (surfing!) I'm the same way about eating well- it has to easily work into my sometimes chaotic schedule, be enjoyable and leave me feeling awesome and satisfied. That is one reason I am so passionate about green juice and the grab-and-go goodness it provides. I also really believe in enjoying life everyday and part of that means the joy of indulgences and enjoying every guiltless moment.

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FIT 5: 5 Days in the Life of Emily Mara of AKT in Motion

This week, we were fortunate enough to get a glimpse into the life of AKT in Motion’s, Emily Mara. Emily trains clients for 2-3 hours each day in NYC and the Hamptons, so it is important for her to eat light yet nutrient-packed meals to keep her energized. Read on for some healthy inspiration from this fitness powerhouse.

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