Before a workout:

  • Drink 12-16 oz. of water or sport drink to pre-hydrate
  • Always take in some carbohydrate before to fuel your workout, help burn fat, and spare muscle protein
  • Include some protein to feel satiated and give muscles some fuel
  • Examples of pre-exercise foods include: Whole grain English muffin or bagel with peanut butter, oatmeal, bananas, celery with peanut butter and raisins, energy bars, sports drinks, whole grain cereal, chicken, turkey, 20 almonds with a piece of fruit

Note: Too much fiber pre-workout meal can upset the stomach. IF this occurs, look for products with less than 3g per serving. The amount of food will depend on the length and intensity of the exercise.

During a workout:

  • It is not necessary to completely replace all calories that you lost during exercise, especially if aiming for weight loss. However, you do want to take in enough calories, mostly from carbohydrate, to keep going and feeling good, while at the same time not overeat and cause GI distress and cramping. Many are concerned with the calories, but studies do show that performance increases if the body is fueled properly through out a workout rather than starved.
  • Hydrate during a workout! Aim to drink at least 12 oz. water or sports drink per hour of activity. If your workout is less than 1 hour, it's OK to just replenish after the workout is done.
  • Include carbohydrate calorie sources during any workout that is > 1 hour in duration.
  • Aim to intake 30-60 grams of carbohydrate per hour during activity (150-300 calories/hour).
  • If 30-60 grams is too much, taper the grams down a bit if cramping, bloating, or GI distress occurs.
  • Grams of carbohydrate look like: 1 banana (30 grams), 8 oz. Gatorade (15 grams), 8oz Zico coconut water 11g, 1 GU Energy Gel packet (25 grams), Shot BLOKS (3 pieces have 24 grams, 6 pieces have 48 grams), 1 Clif bar (45 grams).

After a workout:

  • Drink enough fluids to replace what you lost during the workout (16-24 oz. per pound of sweat loss). You can figure out how much sweat you lost by weighing yourself before and after a workout. For each pound less post workout drink 16-24 oz. to replace the liquid lost.
  • In your fluid intake, make sure to include a form of sports drink because they contain the electrolytes you lost in the form of sweat during exercise. The following are great ways to replenish lost electrolytes:



◦Coconut Water

◦Code Blue


◦Electrolyte replenishment: NUUN electrolyte hydration drink, GU Brew tablets

  • Consume carbohydrate within the first 30 minutes after your workout to replace the glycogen stores in your muscle that were lost.
  • Also include some protein with that carbohydrate to maximize your muscle recovery and adequately prepare for your next workout.

◦ Examples of post workout snack: skim chocolate milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and piece of fruit, almond butter and apple


REMEMBER: What works for each individual is different! Test pre, during and post-workout meals with your own body, as everyone has different needs and tolerances!