Where are you from (born/ raised)?

I was born in Canada, in the province of Alberta.

What do you love most about living in LA?

It's more California that I am so in love with. It's a state where you can be on the beach at 7 in the morning for a non-fat latte, attend a hot yoga class and be on the slopes of Mammoth mountain by the end of the afternoon. The variety of the city itself is unparalleled with respect to health and nutrition. You can eat on the go with amazing healthy choices and use a handful of amazing studios to have different workouts.

Known as the “Supermodel’s Secret Weapon” - we are intrigued. Tell us how you got this title.

I think that after the second year of working with Heidi Klum, I became the pied piper of all things supermodel. Once you assist that beauty to maintain her body after 3 births, it sticks.

What led you to your focus on training pregnant women?

I am deeply passionate about women's health in general. I found that after having so many clients with pregnancies and there being so much conflicting information out there, I needed to become as educated and certified as I could. It bothers me that women are afraid to exercise and feel guilty if they want to maintain a healthy and active life during pregnancy. We know that women can and should be active, and I want to support and defend them in that right.

Favorite type of client to work with?

The client who wants to grow and learn from the experience with me. Training a person often reveals all the layers beneath the surface movements - their goals, why they want specific ones, what it really means to them and why certain things have gotten in their way. I love it when a person learns new things about herself and prevails through a total transformation.

What is your workout of choice?

I have many. It's the key to strength and conditioning. I like interval work with a higher range intensity for metabolic conditioning. I like the movements that reveal tone like ballet movements, and I also like movements that are efficient, challenging and provide balance, stability and core work.

Your favorite restaurant?

I love Cecconis on Melrose and Botegga Louis downtown.

Favorite vacation destination?

Anywhere to ski (love Mammoth Mountain and Lake Louise, Canada) and for heat I love the island of Capri in Italy.

What’s your workout gear of choice?

Great shoes! Without them, there is no support and stability and it's just asking for knee and back pain. I also like Beyond Yoga wear - it fits right and looks hot.

What has been your greatest physical challenge?

After retiring from bobsled, I ended up having a spinal operation, and it flares up once a year. It can really knock me down. It's only made my compassion for injury stronger and the necessary 'prehab' movements to blend into a client's workout to prevent injury as much as possible and ensure they are strong within the deep muscles of the body.

What is your ideal Sunday routine?

As I usually take on clients Saturday day and get pretty social Saturday night, Sunday is my day off. I will go on a hike, eat cheat foods, catch up on emails, spend time with the people I love and just hold a space of me. I call it active recovery.
Any goals that you are currently working on?

Career wise, I am learning the business around my new dvd, Supermodel Series and soon to be released, Pregnancy Sculpt. It's been a new venture and a huge learning curve. Personally, I am working on finding the balance that I encourage my clients to strike with time commitments of exercise, family and career. Now that I am so busy, It's time to practice what I preach and apply it myself!