This week, we feature a born and raised New Yorker who truly embodies a FITiST. As a former collegiate track and field athlete (high jumper in fact – AMAZING!), Shavaun loves to mix up her training, never sticking to one type of training method or class for too long. Asked about the importance of working out in her life, she said simply, “exercise brings me pure joy.” You nailed it, Shavaun – thanks for being a FITiST and truly exemplifying our FITiST lifestyle.


Name: Shavaun C.


Homebase: New York, NY


Occupation: Interactive Designer


Fave FITiST Workout? It’s a tie between Warrior Fitness Boot Camp and Velocity Sports Performance; both have the best workouts, staff and facilities on planet Earth!


Pick-me-up Songs? Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) or Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby


All About February:


The Oscars are coming up- who are you rooting for? No one in particular. They’re all winners.


Your favorite movie of 2011? Limitless


Any plans for President’s Day? A stay-cation is likely.


Best Presidential nickname? (i.e. Honest Abe, Teddy, Ike, LBJ, George Dubya Bush) Although it references no President in particular, I like POTUS. (Acronym for President of the United States) 


Fave First Lady? Michelle Obama – I admire her passion toward fighting childhood obesity, and have you seen her arms?


If you were President and could invite anyone in the world to dinner, who would it be? As President I’d take the authority and invite more than one; Serena Williams, Mark Cuban and Nelson Mandela.


A little either / or:


Cats or Dogs? Neither. I’m a proud pet fish owner.


Fro-Yo or Gelato? Fro-Yo


Books or E-Reader? Books!


How do you find your best? Remind myself of the sadness I’d feel from not having given my all, and push harder!