This week we give a shout out to one of our favorite FITiSTs, Sara Beth Turner. Anybody who knows SBT knows that her energy is infectious and she has warmth about her that makes you never want to leave her side. Whether on a spin bike at Flywheel, punching it out at AEROSPACE, snapping photos all over the City, or sipping her chai lattes at JOE (Go there now to see her amazing photography show), SBT is a total rockstar.  


Name: Sara Beth Turner


Homebase: NYC


Occupation: Photographer


Pick-Me-Up Song(s)?   If I had to pick one as of late, I'd say Candi Staton's "You've Got The Love” but basically it's whatever my friend Ellie Prezant gives me to listen to.  I'm terrible at finding new music so she is constantly burning me CDs to keep me in the loop.


Guilty Pleasure? 

Ice cream.  Any flavor.


Favorite FITiST Workout?

I discovered AEROSPACE through FITiST and am obsessed.  I even called my brother (who is a legit boxer) to brag about my newfound workout.


As a Photographer, What’s Your..

Favorite Place for Inspiration? 

I don't really have a favorite place for inspiration.  I've taken some of my favorite photographs in my own kitchen when friends were over for coffee or Sunday brunch.  I think it's all about seeing beauty wherever you are.  If you look, you'll find it.


Favorite Raining / Snowy Saturday Spot? 

Joe the Art of Coffee in the West Village.  I turn off my phone, hunker down with a soy chai latte & either read or write a letter to a friend.  That place turns a rainy day into the ultimate luxury.

Some of my photos are on exhibit there until December [shameless plug] so it especially feels cozy to me right now.


All Time Favorite NY Museum?

Museum of Natural History.  When I first moved to NYC I was on the Junior steering committee because I went/loved it so much.  The planetarium rocks & the dinosaur fossils are really cool too (closet nerd...)


Most Loved Travel Destination?

Lake Como.  I just got back from a few weeks in Italy & ended my trip with a 5 day stint there.  HEAVEN. 


Sunday is Marathon Sunday….

Do You Have a Favorite Marathon Moment? 

Funny you should ask.  Last year I jumped in with a friend and ran the last 6 miles with her. When she finished & went home to ice her legs, I sheepishly slipped off & went to Shake Shack on the UWS.  That would be my favorite marathon moment.


And a Designated Viewing Spot?

I don't really have a favorite spot but I do always try to work out on Marathon Sunday (so I don't feel like a total slacker when all the committed runners are crossing the finish line.)  


How Do You Find Your Best?

By recognizing the grace that has been given to me. I'm incredibly blessed & when I really think about what I have (vs. what I don't) I usually find my best.  As my great-grandmother always said, 'Don't mourn what you don't have & thank God for what you do.' 

She lived to be 104.