Meet Michelle Demus, our FITiST of the Week. Keeping up with her workout regimen is just another part of Michelle’s all around feel-great lifestyle. She sets high goals for herself and goes after them in style (Preferably in Jimmy Choos). And, as francophiles are ourselves, we have to salute Michelle for her great taste.  Red wine, Evian, French Fries, and As One – a perfect combo for a life well lived.


 Name:  Michelle D.


 Homebase:  Manhattan


 Occupation:  Sales Exec for a Luxury Footwear Company (Jimmy Choo!)


Pick-Me-Up Song? My latest are songs by Foster the People, Temper Trap, and Florence and the Machine


Guilty Pleasure?  French Fries with Truffle Oil.  I like my carbs. 


Fave FITiST Workout?  As One!  Mark and George provide an incredible workout that pushes you further than you think possible -- whether you’re a beginner or a pro athlete.  And the community of clients they've built is amazing -- everyone is so supportive and encouraging to reach your personal edge!


Evian or SmartWater?  Evian -- what can I say the French simply do some things at a superb level -- be it water, fashion, or wine!


LipGloss or Lip Stick?  Lip Stick -- I prefer the staying power and your hair won't get caught in it when a gust of wind blasts by. 


Divas: Whitney or Mariah? Rhianna or Beyonce? 80's era Whitney is the best.  How can a girl choose between Rihanna or Beyonce?!  Alas, if hard pressed think I'll go with Rihanna


Beer and Popcorn or Wine and Cheese?  Wine and Cheese.


Some City favorites:


Dessert? Anything from Il Laboratorio del Gelato


Building? I adore Lincoln Center -- I attended Juilliard as a dancer and now work in fashion, so the center really represents so many elements of my life in NYC. 


What Are Your Fitness Goals at the Moment? With the holiday craze on horizon, I'd like to end the year on a high note -- ending December healthier and fit than I started it, by really committing to making the time for classes and working out over the holidays.  2012 might have a marathon in my future.


How Do You Find Your Best?  By acknowledging and being grateful for all of the blessings in my life.  This reminds me and inspires me to try to continually grow, evolve, and reach for the best. And part of that is getting my booty kicked in a FITiST class