This week’s FITiST of the Week doesn’t take her workouts lightly. Kara is a professional dancer currently training for the job of a lifetime, to cheer and dance for a pro football team. Kara is also engaged to Ironman and ultra-marathoner, so, in the spirit of Valentine’s Week, this is a couple we truly admire. (And, we are pretty sure their first dance will be amazing!) 


Name: Kara J


Homebase: Culver City, CA


Occupation: Tax accountant


Fave FITiST Workout?  I love Cycle House LA!  I cannot say enough good things about that place.  I also enjoy going to Alba's class at Circuit Works in Venice, that workout kicks my butt every week.


Pick-me-up songs?: Right now: Countdown by Beyoncé, Dance (A$$) [Remix] by Big Sean feat. Nikki Minaj, Lonely Boy by The Black Keys, Feel So Close (Dillon Francis Remix) by Calvin Harris.  And anything with Lil Wayne.


Favorite dance move? Foutté turns (think final dance move from the movie Center Stage)


Your current fitness goal? To tone up and work on my dance technique - I'm preparing for a dance audition in April.


Most true LA stereotype? We love Trader Joe's, organic food, and salads.  It's the truth.


Best view in LA? You can't beat standing on the beach looking out at the ocean.


Best weekend getaway? Austin, TX - my fiancé and I fly in for the weekend for college football

games; we have season tickets.  It's a great city - good food, a thriving live music scene, and beautiful scenery.


Favorite brunch spot? Truxton's American Bistro in Westchester near LAX.



Shopping: Online or in-store? Online if I know my size.


Dating: Online or in-person? In-person!  Date night is my favorite night of the week.


News: Online or in-print? Online - not gonna lie, I get most of my news from twitter.


How do you find your best? Scheduling workouts keeps me accountable, and I have a great network of support.  My fiancé is an Ironman and an ultra-runner and he taught me that if I have a goal I want to accomplish, I should find someone who's done it before (and been successful), and then ask them how they did it.  If I follow their direction I'll be successful too.  For my upcoming dance auditions I'm working with a coach who's been on a professional dance team similar to the one I'm auditioning for.  Now it's up to me to put in the footwork.