Throwing back a couple brewskies doesn’t necessarily sound the most typical topic for a fitness blog, but research now suggests that drinking a beer after exercising can actually be beneficial. Here’s a breakdown of the details.


Beer boasts electrolytes including magnesium, potassium, and calcium as well as folic acid and iron. According a study conducted by the Barcelona University, the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and the Carlos III Institute of Health in Madrid, beer has the same health benefits now connected to moderate wine drinking.


In a study which tested 1,249 men and women over 57 years old, Dr. Ramon Estruch and Dr. Rosa Lamuela found that individuals who regularly drank beer on a moderate scale were less likely to acquire diabetes and high blood pressure, while also maintaining a lower body fat content. They even go as far to say that beer provides a ‘protective’ effect on the cardiovascular system.


Other research has determined that athletes can hydrate more quickly with beer than water – but this might be due to the salt, sugar, and bubbles that is contains – components your stomach can absorb quicker than regular ‘ole H2O.


While this sounds a sweet story, it’s important to remember the way that beer is processed in your body. It basically becomes sugar when it’s integrated into your system, which can lead to cravings the next day from spiking your blood sugar levels.


Either way, drinking more water is always a proactive way to stay hydrated and an important way to stay healthy. But every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to channel a little rebellious Prefontaine energy and grab a post-workout pint.