4 Tips to A Fit Vacation

4 Tips to A Fit Vacation

It’s vacation season. You have two options: stay home and stick to your eating/workout routine or go on multi-day diet disaster (otherwise known as a vacation). Right? Wrong. It is possible to get away without getting fat. On vacation or planning a vacation, here are some ways to stay in shape while out of town.


1. Run—Forest, Beach, Anywhere—Run!

Running is great because you can do it virtually anywhere. At the beach or through the mountains, you can get a great workout without finding a gym or paying a dime. Not sure where to start (or finish)?  Head to runningmap.com and plot your course, no matter where you are.


2. Get in the Water

While it’s undoubtedly tempting to lounge by the pool all day, the only way to get a workout is to actually get in the water. Put down your umbrella drink and aqua jog for 30 minutes. According to Runner’s World, “Pushing against water's resistance can eliminate inefficient movement, which can improve your form on land. Plus, it's a great cardiovascular workout.” Running in the water, you can hang out with friends and family, get a tan, and burn calories all at the same time.


3. Schedule Activities

Wherever your vacation takes you this summer, chances are there are ways to take advantage of your surroundings while also working out. While these activities may be less fitness forward than ditching your travel buds to go for a run, there are plenty of active (believe it or not) activities. Try stand-up paddling, take a surf lesson, go hiking, or rent a kayak while you’re away this summer. Even when the weather gets colder (which it will) “vacation” and “lazy” need not be synonymous, go skiing (cross-country or downhill), go snowboarding, or try snowshoeing.


4. Pick a Fit Trip

If you really want to feel the burn on your next vacation, sign up for a fitness getaway. There are many exercise-based trips available that are both fun and challenging. Not exactly what you see in the commercials for Mexican beer, but certainly better for your body. This September (23rd-25th), FITiST partner As One is offering one such getaway. They call it “Roman Legionnaire Training” and it involves hiking 20 miles with a pack, digging trenches, building parapets, cutting wood, and then—finally, something resembling conventional vacation—camaraderie at a bon fire with Roman wine. This trip does more than prevent you from falling off the workout wagon; it’s a getaway that gets you in even better shape.